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Originally Posted by T.E.Shuler View Post
Deep Creek pic 1. Bridge at the parking lot, completely blown out. Usually a very nice pool there.
Deep Creek 2. That's the upper run on the Talmadge Shuler hole (a bunch of us here at home named it this after my Dad passed away in 2002), it was his favorite stretch on the creek.
Deep Creek pic 3. Jim nailed it! Tom Branch Falls.

I fished there a couple days before you guys, I think on Thursady, and the water temp was a balmy 35 degrees. It was a brutal day.

Jim, I love your desciption of Indian Creek! Tight as a miser's purse strings! Very true. Growing up, Dad and I went into Kenny Lester's in Bryson and bought two
Fenwick fiberglass rods that were 5'3" just for Indian Creek. Half the time I would just use the tip section even then, and still get tangled up rod and all in a laurel bush. lol!

Hotspotters! LOL just kidding. I would love to have been able to see the same area in all its glory with lower water. That's a good trek for me to get up there, so I can't make it often. Oh well, trips like this past one, keeps me going back!
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