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Hi Cody,

You make excellent points and I appreciate your input. Sarah Weeks handles the fly tying exhibition now. She came up with the same idea. I will copy your comments into an e-mail to her. We had a meeting on Sunday and discussed this same topic. She plans to get a biography from each tyer and we will put that on the website.

This event is getting to be huge. We have a new Chairman this year and he is much better than I was. We have more people on our committee now and we have new positions. I think we are at around 25 on the committee. The classroom was packed full on Sunday. I kept going to another room and getting more chairs as people showed up. This is exciting. And, I don't have the same workload as before. I'm happy.

Thanks again. Any comments are very much appreciated. Troutfest is your event so tell us what you want and we'll try to get it done.

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