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Originally Posted by troutmanbrook View Post
Corbo, Ice dub, is a relativity new synthetic dubbing product with really nice flash. They sell it at our local fly shops. I believe he is using the brown ice dub (color changes when wet)

The hook that Shawn is using appears to be a Dai-Riki 125 scud/emerger hook size 18 (maybe 16). I may be wrong about the brand of hook, but those are the cheapest in our local fly shop, and if Shawn goes through flies like me, that is my go-to brand. I have gotten to where I will use the 135's over the 125's though, but if they are Dai-Riki it is the 125 ( 125 are gold, and 135 are more silver

Excellent-you should be a detective bud. One correction, the ice dubbing I use is black. Also; I like the heavy hook and the bigger size (16) for allowing it to sit well in the film.
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