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hookedonthefly, that depends on how fast you drive! You can come down Hwy 411 out of Maryville and turn on SR 30 east to Reliance. Or down I-75, off at exit 36, s. on Hwy 11, east on SR 163 at Hardee's to Hwy 411, s. on 411 and east on SR 30. From Cleveland to K-ville is about 85 miles. About the same coming down 411. Allow at least 1-1/2-2 hours drive time. Go to and post a day you are coming down- might have someone to meet you and fish with you. I am retired and might be able to meet you during the week- weekends are GKD (grandkid's day). The website I gave also has the flow schedule on it. About 2800 cfs is normal for two generators. Today is over 5K! Spilling from the dam to lower the lake level.

Edit: I fished Tuesday and the best access points on 2 generators are on the south side of the river from the RR tracks. There is a string of RR cars on the tracks, making you walk in the ditch as you can't walk on the steep bank with the slick rock ballast. Getting to a place to wade in was a trip!
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