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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

Troutmanbrook!!! Aren't you the young fellow I met last summer behind the church one afternoon who recently became ADDICTED to fly fishing?

And look at you now... tying flies and know hook sizes and all! I'm very pleased you are doing so well. Call me some time 255-4840

Only fished the Clinch once as I never seem to figure the flows; hopefully get over there many times this year.... you guys that live close-bye have it made as you can catch good water just before or just after a generation.... it's aride from Sevierville.

So I went to ORVIS (sorry LRO guys) as it's close to me and they had ice dub stuff but it came off a DISCO RABBIT meaning it was a blend with coarse bunny hair so I did not purchase it as the fibers appeared to large and coarse for such a small bug.

I will likely need to go to LRO for some.

ADVICE please.

So I got laid off on tuesday and cannot afford a bag of dubbing..... anyone looking to hire an extremely talented home builder remodeler shout out at me!
That's me! I have definitely been paying my dues since we last spoke. It seems that all I do now is read, tie flies,fish, and read. I am blessed with a job that allows me to keep up on the latest fly fishing blogs, and my tying skills (well maybe "allows" isn't the best word)

Check the flows @ it is usually updated at 6pm daily. May starts the recreational release schedule, hopefully, you can download the calendar here.

Sounds like the disco rabbit stuff may be the Hare'E Ice Dub. You are right it does have many guard hairs included. I prefer to make my own custom blend of hares ear and ice dub (40 hares ear, and 60 icedub) for a really nice, toned down, flash. When I have used Hare'E Ice Dub in the past on small bugs, I will take a dubbing teaser (or velcro) and tease out the dubbing and trim to size, this makes the flies look extremely buggy.
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