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Default Caddis for the Holston

Good morning Corbo,
There are two real important Caddis for the Holston River, as far as looks and size. The bigger ones are a lighter Tan in color and about a size #16. The other one is much smaller in size and a Dark Olive in color. It is about a size #20-22. Several different ties will catch fish if you match those colors and sizes. Sometimes I use the CDC and Elk and sometimes I use the Elk Hair style. There are years that they like a Caddis Emerger pattern and some years they don't seem to be attracted to it. The Green Caddis Emerger is the pattern that I tie for that. The best setup that I have found is to use the Size #16 Tan as the top fly and use the #20 or 22 Little Dark Olive as a dropper about 24 in. below the top fly. If you get down to size #22 it is hard to see the dropper fly and the larger Tan version makes a good indicator and it's easy to follow your flies as they come back downstream.

Now about those peaches: I just finished pruning the last of mine yesterday and I hope we have as good of a season as we've had for the last 5 years. I'm a little sceptical this year because the weather is so mild that everything is coming out too soon. I've planted a lot of new varieties that bloom much later and hopefully they will not get started before all of our cold spells are over. The ones that I've had for the last several seasons were very good. I wish you luck with yours.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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