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These were not egg laying caddis on these two days but were emerging through the film from that deep pool a few hundred yards up from the Nance's Landing down to almost the landing.

They seemed very dark brown sized 16; when I threw a Dark CDC with shuck they would often take... it was May. I'm wondering if this is a different caddis than the caddis Hugh and others have seen.

On these same days I saw various mayflies but not a blistering hatch of any specific size though there were a fair number of Sulphurs which would start the fish to the surface whenever a flurry of them came off.

One day I fished from 10 AM to dark and only left the river to pee on the opposite bank.... Once when I had to go so bad in the middle of some serious mayfly activity and raced for the bank when I could hold no longer only to see what I believe to be an enourmous copperhead laying on the very rock I was dropping my vest upon!

So "olive" is such a subjective color... there must be 10 different bags of olive dubbin here so my bet is an olive/brown mix? Or should I go full out green olive?

I like Hugh's Tan Wulff alot; looks something like what I often tied up in Maine for mixed Sulphur/Olive hatches on windy days.

Any of you ever fish a "usual"?

I miss the peaches we grew as a boy in Southern NJ; my dad and me tried for years to get a cold resistant peach tree to bear fruit in Maine but it never worked out.... most died within a year or two or would never make blossoms. Oh well; if I can sell my place in Maine or get making better coin here I'll get some dirt and give it a try.... I miss the peaches we grew so many years ago.... same with the Winesap apples.
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