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Thanks Hugh!

Looked carefully at the flies on your website.... Impressive, got a better look at the colors too so I can fill my boxes with the right stuff.

Read about your recent battles with monster browns with small flies and your observations of brown trout behavior.... seems a brown is a brown no matter where they live as the big ones in Maine were very noctunal as well. My last monster was on the Kennebec at Solon; 26 inches caught after dark with a 2 weight.... my reel fell off the rod during the fight as he ran up river and kept bouncing up and down between the stripper guide and the gravel! Fortunately he turned down river and I was able to re-seat the reel. When he ran up-river again I high sticked him and moved in sideways to scoop him up with my right arm.

Big Brown pretty much do whatever they want when hooked!

So I'm curious.... you show a zillion flies on your site.... but no streamers?

I know most fly tyers regretfully accept flies from someone else (me included) as they have little faith in something they did not personally tie.

Keep an eye on your mail; sending something that big browns cannot resist AND you can use 3 or 4 X on the point!
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