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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I appreciate your input Jim as I do not fish the Holston that often. I do think keeping things simple and consistent often achieves the most results in quantity and takes. However; I personally enjoy the 'dynamic' of fly fishing and utilizing different flies to trick those silly trout. Fishing a caddis hatch is fun when you are trying to adjust and work at forcing the fish to take your fly. To me; catching 30-40 fish a day on a ready fly is fun, but I truly enjoy targeting a fish and have him take what I want him to take. I think the beauty of fly fishing is all the intricacies and challenges that culminate in a fish taking your fly.
I have no issues with that, and respect everyone's choice on the river. However, and you will probably agree that most aren't like that and they just want maximum tonnage per hour on the river.
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