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I'm from upstate NY near Canada and so similar patterns will work for you also...

May/June is a great time for bass and pike. Pike are best fished early may up in shallow weedy bays and will progressively move to deeper holding water as it warms. Use "big" flies. It can't really be too big for pike... Favorites for me are 5" and 6"+ rabbit strips "leeches" in red/white and also in black/red. Big clousers in the same color patterns will work as well. Use some "heavy" shock tippet like 30-40lb or just use one of the steel wire leaders that are available out there.

For SMB, use craw patterns, dahlberg divers (my favorite) clousers in copper/bronze/green/silver variations. Poppers are also always a good bet in early morning/early evening. Hit the shallows, boat docks and any visible rocks/rocky shorelines in the morning and stick to the shadows, deeper holding water into the late morning/afternoon.

I use my 9wt. Predator for all my bass/pike fishing just because I don't want to handle a 20lb. northern on a 6wt. Also, you are often chucking "big" flies anyway, so it is usually a necessity...

Good luck and be sure to have your buddies video you fishing with that 3wt. That way you will have a great clip to post for us when some big pike rips it out of your hands going after your bluegill ... lol

Tight Lines,

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