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Default Short Blueline Report

I decided to head north of the border today and fish one of my favorite winter streams. The fishing was pretty slow and no big fish were caught. This particular blueline holds large numbers and large fish.

I double nymphed most of the day, no indicator. Later in the afternoon I switched to a dry/dropper. I caught no fish on the dry, no did I have any strikes on the dry. All fish were caught on hair's ears, 14-16 size, olive, black, and gray colors.

As for the one that got away, I did have a 15-18 inch rainbow break me off early in the day. He made one strong run upstream and snapped my 5X very quickly. I had him in a gin clear slow moving run, so I got a really good look at him.

Here are a few pics. The colors on most of the fish were really nice.

Last fish of the day, a hideous, filthy, and disgusting hatchery raised stocked rainbow. He swam a long way upstream from any stocked waters to where I caught him.

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