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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
Great report and thanks for sharing the details and the pics! How do you like that W.J. Chest pack? Is it an Amp?
That's a good eye, bro. It's the surge, I've had it for almost 2 years. I love it.

Plenty of room for more than enough gear, comfortable neck strap, 2 nice sized bottle holders, strap on the back of the neck to hang a net or water filter. Straps on the underside that will hold a rolled up raincoat. I have never had the magnetic lids open on me, even when taking the worst of trips/slips and falls. ***EDIT*** I just remembered, I took a bad fall down a ridge in the Fall of 2010. I tumbled head over heals for about 50 feet down a 45 degree slope. One compartment popped open during that near death experience, but I was okay with that. I don't think the pack was designed for that kind of abuse, nor was I designed for that kind of abuse.

It's been submerged a few times as well, along with me. It's never leaked. This would be only for a few seconds, just when I happen to fall in. I am sure it would leak if submerged for more than a few seconds.

Small zippered compartment that I put my keys and wallet in when wet wading.

Also, can be worn as a chest pack, fanny pack, off to the side, etc.

I have been thinking about getting the amp just for backpacking trips. Smaller and lighter for less space and less weight in my backpack.

Did I mention I really like my WJ pack?
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