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Unfortunately we're living in a age where lots of people (lots, but not all, mind you) are simply just too lazy to take time to bushwhack their way back into blue lines on a map and find out if a stream holds decent fishing or not. In the age of information, most folks will take the easy-out and depend upon someone else's scrapes and sweat to find the information they are wanting, instead of excerting any physical energy themselves. Sad, really, but let's face it...we're living in the Nintendo-age, where lots of our younger generation have carpel tunnel in their thumbs and no grit in their backbone.
I sure hope I am not coming across as a crabby geezer, but darned if I'm gonna post for the whole world to see, wild streams (many never even named on a map) that I found the old-fashioned way, then have them plummaged by someone too lazy to find it on their own.
I even quit posting any trip reports for the most part due to the fact that I might accidentally leave clues to where I was. If I do post a report (from a smaller, wild water...not talking about bigger waters everyone knows like the South Holston or the likes), I will edit any photo's and crop out anything that might even possibly give away the location. Call me paranoid, but once you've had a couple of your favorite small streams beat to death by a few others who found out, you'll understand why. I've even had someone ask me point blank where I was fishing on an open forum, for everyone worldwide to read!

I sure found out that if a guy spends time pouring over topos and then is willing to hike and sweat, then crawl thru rhodo and briars and arrive at a blue line and find wild trout that are willing participants with a fly rod, it makes one appreciate and takje care of the find 99% more than if my buddy told me where to go, or I found out by surfing the internet.
Just my $0.02....