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It's like this people...

The internet is here to stay so either ignore it or get over it. You really can't do anything about it and neither can anyone else. Has it changed the way we live? Most definitely!! Do you think the Govt. wants every extremist in the world looking up on the internet how to make IED's and so forth? This is just an unfortunate byproduct of the modern age that we live in...

Now, we are here to talk about flyfishing and that's what we are doing...
I have been reading this forum for a few years now before ever joining and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and greatly appreciate the information that has been willingly provided by its members. I see it as part of the fishing culture and it leads to further enjoyment of the sport for everyone involved. If it wasn't for this information I probably wouldn't be fishing the park today and hundreds of trout would be on their fins praising the water Gods...

Point is, please don't come back after two years and start this again... not trying to be blunt but probably not the best way to say did you miss me??
Now, if you want to join the party and just enjoy the sport with others that do as well, then welcome back and sorry for the rant...

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