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Originally Posted by WNCFLY View Post
Crockett, did you read my post? Bunches Creek had been mentioned numerous times already before I ever even mentioned it. I only did that so some other fellow fisherman would not get in any trouble. Go look at all my posts going back to 07. You will not find me giving up details on how to get to remote speck streams. Most of the guys who frequented this forum back then have moved on because of the very problem I am bringing to light. I'm sorry if it offends some here, but sometimes things just need to not be discussed?.
Someone discussing Bunches offends you, however, some of your old posts discuss fishing Bradley Fork, Kanati, Rough Fork, Palmer, Lost Bottoms, Cataloochee, and Straight Fork. I may have missed a few.

Maybe some of those streams are special to others, you ever think you may have offended some others for posting about those streams? None of the streams are top secret, including Bunches...

I would also say that none of these are "hard to get to" brook trout streams, but all of them have brook trout and are all pretty good streams.
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