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Originally Posted by WNCFLY View Post
Crockett, did you read my post? Bunches Creek had been mentioned numerous times already before I ever even mentioned it. I only did that so some other fellow fisherman would not get in any trouble. Go look at all my posts going back to 07. You will not find me giving up details on how to get to remote speck streams. Most of the guys who frequented this forum back then have moved on because of the very problem I am bringing to light. I'm sorry if it offends some here, but sometimes things just need to not be discussed?.
Back at it huh? I like to know who appointed you the GOD of spec streams in WNC? Hardly anyone posts detailed info about spec streams on here anymore, yet you're back lecturing people about this time of behavior. IMO you're an arrogant a@@ who should mind his own business. Hopefully, this post will get me banned for life, since I cannot get them to delete my account no matter how hard I try.

Just a suggestion, try to bring something meaningful to the forum, and no that doesn't mean sharing info on "secret" spec streams.

Moderator, my offer still stands. Delete my account at any time, had enough of reading posts from the experts and self-proclaimed moderators.

Neal A. White

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