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Default Quest for magic bullet fly

I will start with a confession.....

Two weeks ago at the Knoxville Fishing Show my son persuaded me to spend 25 bucks on a "Trout Magnate" kit, video and spool of their special 2 pound line.

Okay so laugh if you want.... fortunately my life long fishing buddies in Maine will not find out.

My son claims the trout magnate "system" catches trout in moving water like crazy and after watching the DVD that included a TWRA biologist (Habanera?) fishing in Gatlinburg with them I must agree it works extremely well.

They don't look like anything more than a rubber grub with a split tail and ribbed body on a weighted jig hook and they come in all kinds of crazy colors.... nothing special about them other than they kick along the bottom and must look like food or stimulate some kind of reckless response. not certain.

It seems to me that the closest thing to them a fly fisher would tie would be a cone head wholley bugger in hot pink or chartruese.

So I seriously doubt I will ever tie one onto a spinning outfit and head to g-burg but I will be trying to find some fuscia marabou to imitate a trout magnate ASAP.

While we would all love to think that trout do most of their feeding in the film or just below.... Shawn's awesome videos actually show that trout hang much lower than I ever imagined and do most of their feeding just above the bottom.

I will tie my version on the same size hooks, tie a marabou tail and then wrap the body with the remaining marabou and tie off behind a cone head likely no palmered hackle..... this I think would be the feather equivalent of the rubbah trout magnate.

Anyone familiar with these?
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