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Default Someone new to the fly and this forum


I have watched from a near, to learn everything possible about a journey I have chosen to take with this passion of being on a stream with a rod and length of line that hopes of finding tightness on the other end.

This forum has been the only resource for the equipment, books, knowledge and places I have of further discovering where this trail is going to lead me.

Having attended church, school, served my country, college, and a career as well as a husband and father, I have been down many trails. I don't know how I possibly could have done any of this without great people sharing great ideas that had gone before me on terrific journeys through this thing we call life(fishing). Almost always a map to show me where I was and at the end, there was a great place if you committed, planned, stayed true and disciplined to stay the path and understand the scrapes, scratches and hardships are surely ahead so I could do what most will only talk about.

As my sons who have looked over my shoulder on many nights as I gather great information from this forum for trips that are being mapped that they have no idea about yet, but soon will discover.....I ask all that are here and those to come please share everything for those that seek it because there's a 10 and 13 year old out there even a 44 yr. old - somewhere wondering what lays ahead out there for them.

Hopefully a good map or set of directions that gets them to a better place for a moment in time.

Regardless of where it comes from - it can only BE a good thing to pass a little along.

Breck Davis - Cleveland, Tn

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