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Default Continued from above

7. Always, I repeat, Always, take a picture of the first fish you catch.

This could possible the only fish you catch the whole trip. If you intend on making a trip report, you need this fish. A fishing report without a fish picture is just a glorified hiking trip that your feet got wet on.

Under no circumstances can you insert a picture of a fish that was caught on a previous trip. No matter how long ago it was. Someone is going to do a search and read all 753 of your previous posts. They will call you out on it. "Hey Buzz, that looks just like the fish you caught on April 1, 2005." There will be no denying it. They will probably even post a link to the post from 2005.

You never have to reveal how many you caught. If you have that picture you can always state "They were there and willing. Hitting BHPH's". Noone needs to know "they" were only one. You've got the picture.

8. If you don't name the stream, somewhere in the post, give the readers a little teaser. Some kind of hint.

Bunch of hypocrites that outlaw hang gliders, but allow parachute adams. Answer no further questions about where you were. This is very important.

9. End big. Leave the reader wanting more.

This has to be the absolute best picture of the trip. Leave the reader wishing they were in your shoes.

And that is my opinion on how it should be done.
My posts are worthless without pictures
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