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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Thanks; is size 4 too large?

I looked up the Coffey minnow and have size 2 & 4 long shank streamer hooks, will make body from Pearl Estaz... same sorta idea but it comes on strings so I don't need to fool with a dubbing loop full of synthetic.

Would white weighted or coneheaded whooley buggers do?
Size 4 streamers are what I tie the most for bass. #6 if for trout.
Another very easy tie using estaz that is similiar to the shenks is a wobbler. The secret is the tapered body. It makes the fly dart. White buggers beadhead, conehead, lead eyes all work. The WB are not picky. I used to catch them with just white crappie jigs growing up.

Here is the tying info for wobblers. Ward sent me a couple of these in the mail to try out a few years ago. he is a master deerhair tyer.
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