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I fish for hybrid bass and not sure if they are technically the same or not?? Anyway, one that does not seem to be mentioned but I know several guys that use it is the grey ghost. You might want to try one of those as well. I agree with Troutman and find that the clousers in simple threadfin shad colors and white work well. Again, they are usually not that picky. Something else to keep in mind, right as the season kicks in you want to start off small. Then progressively swith to larger and larger flies as the temps go up.

If possible, have a rod rigged with a topwater popper and another with a clouser/shad pattern. That way you can cruise around looking for them and when they blow up on bait toss the poper until the frenzy stops. Then offer the clouser to any stragglers still in the area looking for any left over injured baitfish. Often you will tag a bigger fish who was waiting for an easy meal after letting the little guys do all the work...

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