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Default A few hours near Tremont (2/3)

I normally don't post trip reports unless it involves a long hike and sleeping in a tent, but I wanted to make this an excercise and see if I could pass Buzz's trip report test . I think I'm missing several of the required photos, including a road shot & insect shot.

Anyway, took me a little while to get up to the mountains on friday, which could have been to my benefit, as all the guys I talked to said the fishing was very slow in the morning. Took a little auto tour of Tremont rd up to the turn around to scope the crowds, and parked my car around 12:30. I guess the water had warmed a little, because by the time I got on the stream, fish were jumping out of the water after caddis. Had about 90% of my hits come on a thunderhead dry. I had thought about trying a small dark caddis, but the t-head seemed to be working, so why change? Another fly that seemed to work well was a #14 "double standard" nymph, which is basically a cross between a hares ear and a PT. Also caught a good sized rainbow on a big blackburn tellico like Walter Babb ties, except on a tmc 200r hook. Got a raging headache around 3:00 so I called it quits shortly thereafter and went to shoot the bull with byron & daniel. Stopped by the market in Maryville on the way home and grabbed a grass-fed ny strip for dinner & a 6 pack of New Belgium "Dig".

Here's some photos of interest or disinterest.

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