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I was looking at "Da List" and found some eateries not mentioned or maybe I missed them. Black Bear Cafe in Townsend is excellent. The Shulers who used to operate the Carriage House opened this Spring. It was a huge success. Unfortunately, Olsen's River Grill closed two weeks ago. We were there the last night. Rumor has it that the Shulers are renting that space and opening another restaurant right behind the Black Bear Cafe. That building is owned by Mike Chase of Copper Cellar and other restaurants fame including Calhouns I think. I didn't see the restaurant at Laurel Valley Golf Course. That restaurant is owned by my buddies Chad Rochelle and Jay Crippin. I would add that to the list too and get some feedback. Some big things are going to happen up there. Jay also owns the Picnic Pantry in Trillium Cove. It is excellent too. I think he owns the BBQ place at River Rat also.


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