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Depending on the tailwater, I like to check the "operating guide" for the lake on the TVA website. Here is an example:

Go to the TVA Operating Info page for the SoHo. Between the "Observed Data" and "Predicted Data" sections you will find a link that says "See Operating Guide for...." For the SoHo, it appears the lake is now within the expected elevation range although just barely. Thus, I would assume we will continue to see more and more recreational schedules, particularly on weekends, as long as we don't get any more significant rain events. In the short term, it looks like the continuing wet pattern might actually ease up finally.

Spring in Tennessee often means more windows for wading as the reservoirs are allowed to rise to summer pool. Unfortunately, in a wet year we get too much rain and the tailwaters will still continue to run. It seems that Norris lake is within the expected range but still well above the flood guide meaning the Clinch will be running water for a while still. Cherokee Lake is in the extreme high side of the balancing guide but without any additional rain might start having some better windows in the next few weeks...
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