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Default more control than you think

The two engineers responsible for scheduling and monitoring the release at all t.v.a. dams spoke to the Clinch River Chapter of T.U. last fall. They explained the process and there is more human control than you think. While flood stage control is a major factor the amount of water at Chickamauga is a MAJOR-MAJOR factor. A signed agreement with Chattanooga and t.v.a. requires a minimum flow for Chattanooga and everything above has to feed that. As much as generating power that agreement binds t.v.a. hands to standards that have to be supported by the upper reservoirs

According to the two engineers, they do try to accommodate wade fishermen. They look at 4 hour increments for wading.

But the historical agreement is binding, no one knows how it came about. They do know it has to be met.
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