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Funny thing; over 25 years in Maine I never fished Frand Lake Stream!

I never had to travel that far to get onto Landlocks... a 25 mile drive put me on the Kennebec at the Solon Tailwater where I could get landlocks, brown, rainbows or brookies on drys.

The East Outlet (Kennebec) of Moosehead was about 100 miles drive and the West Branch of the Penobscot farther still but I fished them often. If you get back up to Maine I recommend these two rivers.

The Rangeley Region also has many good rivers with Landlocks; I fished them less frequently though.

Landlock Salmon like to eat landlock smelt but also take drys... wish someone would dump some into the SoHo.... they jump like mad!

Fishing in Maine pretty much has gone to **** over the years and it's a dhort season... I am spoiled here!

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