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4. The changing nature of fishing. I see far more two-fly rigs, far greater use of nymphs, and less reliance on dry flies. A fair number of oldtimers of my acquaintance thought that nymphs were but one step removed (and a short one at that) from bait fishing.

Many. many years ago I was getting some pointers on fly fishing from an older gentleman in my community who was an avid fly fisherman. He was teaching me how to roll cast and a few other things. During the lessons I asked him about fishing a nymph under an indicator or something and he quickly whirled around to face me and with a look of disgust on his face said in a harsh voice, "Blasphemy! Son, that's pure fly fishing blasphemy! If you resort to that kinda tactic, you're no longer a fly fisherman. Dry flies only, son, on top. All else is blasphemy!"

I learned a lot from that old fella, not just about casting and such, but about identifying flies and how to fish certain type waters, but I cant say I held to his dry fly only approach, although I do prefer to fish dries if at all possible.
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