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This dry fly snobbiness intrigues me. I myself would prefer, of course, to catch any and every fish on a dry fly, or topwater bugs for smallies. However, fly fishing began with streamers and wet flies, not the other way around. Dry fly fishing is relatively new in the fly fishing world. So a true purist in my mind, would be a long ways away from a dry fly purist. A lot of people take the moral ground on drifting eggs, etc. but will turn around and use a San Juan worm. I've used the worm, not the egg, but not because I am above it. I like to catch fish, and sometimes (depending on where you are, what time of year, etc), a dry fly simply won't work. Fly fishing would be better off IMHO without all of the "you're not a true fly fisherman because you don't wear tweed coats and leather sling packs while fishing bamboo rods with silk line and dry flies." Like I said, I prefer to take a fish on dries as opposed to any other method, but I refuse to become so uptight that I can't throw a nymph or streamer to catch fish when that's all that works. I rarely use an indicator when doing this, but see nothing wrong with those that do.

I think it all comes down to why you fish. Do you like being out in God's creation and feeling that tug on your line? Or do you like thinking that you are the last remaining "purist" and if it isn't done your way, it's not fly fishing. To me it seems that those that simply enjoy the sport don't get caught up in all the other, or else their reason for doing it isn't what they say it is, or they simply like feeling "superior" to others. Otherwise, not one word would ever be spoken in regards to what the correct way to fly fish is. I have been guilty of this myself. I like to make fun of and characterize ALL bait fisherman or gear chuckers as knuckle dragging people with zero respect for our resources, that eat every fish they catch and just can't understand or learn the art of flyfishing because it's above their head. However, that's how I fished just a year ago. I think there is a similar outlook amongst fly fisherman between the dry fly purists and those that nymph, fish SJ worms, etc. I have to remind myself that while some give each style of fishing a bad name, we can't characterize one way as a right way, nor can we make blanket statements about those that don't do it our way. Look in the mirror guys and examine yourself. I am just as guilty as most, and it's a constant battle for me to remain humble and not feel like I'm better than someone because they don't fly fish.

The only things that should matter are 1) Is the resource being respected by the fisherman?, 2) Is the fisherman fishing in a legal manner, after that it comes down to common respect and courtesy. Sometimes we need a wake up call, or at least I do. I am not typing this to one person, but more of a rant in general to something that has bothered me for a while. I hope no one takes offense to it and maybe we can have a constructive dialogue on it.

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