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Originally Posted by AL trout bum View Post
However, fly fishing began with streamers and wet flies, not the other way around. Dry fly fishing is relatively new in the fly fishing world.
This is true... as I mentioned in another thread a while back, it wasn't until the late 1800's that we started using dries over here in America. Theodore Gordon modified some English dries to mimic bugs he found up on the Neversink River. It was then that fishing dries started to catch on due to how effective this method became for catching trout. Now, the name "Gordon" doesn't that name ring a bell to anyone, sounds somewhat familiar... ?? So you can see how it might have taken a considerable about of time for those patterns and techniques to spread down to say the Smokies and around the country. Hence the focus on wets and streamers for as long as folks can remember and the introduction of using dries only here in more recent times.

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