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A couple years ago while recovering from a total right foot re-build I had lotsa time to think about tying flies... and dream of moving from Maine to HERE.

After five months in traction and reading a ton of magazines I finally asked my wife to bring my tyoing stuff to my bed and tied in bed for weeks. Fortunately she slept in a different room those several months because the bed was full of snippets, feather. fur etc..... But I was happy to be doing anything.

Well; I had a ****ton of size 4 kink shank hooks that I had misordered years prior and got thinking about what I might do with them.

MY RECIPE for a my magic bullet:

BTW... Daniel at LRO hooked me up with some size 8 kinkshanks the other day so now I can down size the original fly a bit.

Don't laugh now but I put a tungsten cone head on the kinkshank size 4 hook and centered the bead in the kink with the hook inverted in the vise.... this lowers the center of gravity causing the fly to ride point up & less likely to snag bottom.

On the size 8 kinks I'm using tungsten beads that ride in the kink.

Then I tie fuschia, green, white or other color ESTAZ ONTO THE SHANK about 1/3 up the bend with inverted hook in vise and run it up to the bead or cone and tie off.

Retie ESTAZ in front of bead and wind to 1/8 inch behind the eye and tie off.

THEN I get a bunny strip (zonkah) and pierce through enough to make a tail that hangs off the bend about 3/8 to 1/2 or longer and pull it forward over the BOTTOM of the hook which is inverted covering the estaz and bead and tie off behind the eye.

****ation I wish I knew how to post pictures here but I had a brain injury many years ago and computers drive me nuts.

Anyway this thing swims so seductively that fish seem to attack it! The first day I could barely walk in May 2010 I hitched one onto a 7 weight and went down the road to the lake... first cast hooked huge pike from shore, say good bye it was 3x! Within half an hour I broke off several more and land a couple.

Since then I've caught all kinds of stuff on it. Browns, smb, redeye and now that I'm doing it in trout magnate size I think I will catch more trout on it than I did on the size 4. I like white estaz with white bunny but the white bunny with fuschia estaz seems to be the killer.

Anyway; I will see if my wife can figure out how to post pictures for me.
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