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Originally Posted by Crockett View Post
...Even on nice weekends in summer most campsites are empty and hundreds of miles of stream sit untouched. Backcountry camping is currently back down to the same level as 1960s which is pretty incredible. Nowadays it seems everyone sticks close to their cars...
That is very interesting. Now that reasonably good cell phone reception is possible on some of the Park roads, suppose that is becoming a factor now days? Just a relatively few years back we were out of immediate contact with the family or office when we pulled out on the street. Now you can get some distance up LR Middle Prong Rd, Greenbrier Rd, etc. before the bars are gone. I did get quite a ways up Porters Creek Trail once and could call out, but at that point I was past the decent 'bow waters, so nothing was gained really.
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