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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
I will tie my version on the same size hooks, tie a marabou tail and then wrap the body with the remaining marabou and tie off behind a cone head likely no palmered hackle..... this I think would be the feather equivalent of the rubbah trout magnate.

Anyone familiar with these?

The marabou fly you are describing (or something close to it) is one of my best flies on warm tailwaters where stripers, white bass, and hybrids live. I've caught so many different species on this fly. I just wrap a lot of lead, cover it with thread and/or dubbing, tie in the marabou tail as you describe and wrap the rest of the marabou forward to the eye and tie off. Not sure why, but on days when absolutely nothing else will work, this simple little fly works wonders. I tie it on a fairly short hook in size 6.
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