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Hi Corbo just diving into Salmon flies. I love wet flies. Here's a quick story.

I was fishing on the South Branch of the Raritan River a section called the Ken Lockwood Gorge. Back in the 80's this stream was classified as tough and not ment for rookies. Not to mention a lot of the veterans would not give you one lick of help or make a helpful suggestion. The vets felt you had to pay your dues, learn and learn and when you finally started to catch fish they became more than helpful. So here I am fishing the Gorge for three weeks and nothing. I through the kitchen sink at them. I also was so observant and observed the behaviour of the Trout feeding. So another weekend goes by and again two days of nothing and frustration. I was almost ready to go and fish another stream where I was able to catch fish. So in desperation I tyed on a Dark Hendrickson wet fly that I had bought from K-Mart. The flies they sold came in a box from Keystone flies. I had no clue what kind of flies these were back then, but I felt they looked cool and wanted them for a collection if nothing else at all. So on my second cast in a few minutes I landed my very first Brown Trout on a stream that was stated not for rookies. I made a few more casts and when all was said and done that day I landed about 7 or 8 trout mostly all Browns and one or two Brookies. On my way home I was floating in the clouds and could not believe what had happened to me that day. It was from that day on that I and wet flies connected. I have been fishing and tying them ever since. Now I also love streamers and fish them too and maybe once or twice a year dry flies. Wet flies are extremely productive and a lost art to fish with. I have seen a lot of tyers tying them on other web sites, but that is all they do, Tye them. I love great looking wet flies and love to fish them as well. I feel the lost art now a days is knowing when and which wet fly will work. Time of year does very from state to state a bit. But that is a quick story on my life with this style of fishing. I will never change and will continue to do so until my time on this earth is over. I hope people truly do not forget these flies far as fishing. They do take time and patience to tye, but are a snap once you know how. This sir is what I find cool about fly fishing. Some of us gravitate to dry flies, some to wets, others to streamers, Others Emergers and yet other to nymphs and of course their is the all around that likes a little it of everything. Wet flies to most anglers are not fished with now a days mainly because of thier availability and secondly they are not easy to tye at first and you also have to search a bit for materials. Sorry for being a long winded blow hard on this one. I just love this kind of fishing and tying.

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