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Default Deep

Not too sure how deep is DEEP but Mr. Buzzmcmanus's thread on How To Make A ProperPost is getting way over my head Kinda thought I knew something about this GSMP fishing but maybe not. Where are those pictures from? Flyguys, those deep holes are great places for trout to rest. It is hard to get a proper presentation to a fish that is in a deep hole. Think resting lie. Most of the better fish I have caught in the Smokies have come from the edges of deeper water. If a stream has a spot that is only a foot or so deeper fish the rocks around that. Think feeding lie. I hope someone will pitch in here. I don't think dredging the deep holes is a productive method and I would not like to see anyone waste fishing time in such a special place. I treasure the days I spend fishing in GSMP. Good Luck
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