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Default Advanced Mathematics

Hi Shawn. We used to do a few of these a year between 2006 and Spring 2009, I'm not sure we have the same composition of folks we had then, so I'm not sure if I'll even get 4 other tiers interested, let alone 10.

I'm shooting for each person to tie about 2 dozen for several reasons:
1) If you are willing to tie 24 flies to give away, the fly must be easy to tie or you wouldn't spend the time ("Guide flies" should be easy to tie).

2) In the past I have had a few swap flies that were very productive on the stream. In those cases we only had two of each. The problem was, if a fly was productive and then I lost it in a branch, under a rock, etc. I'd only have the one other one (of that pattern). Which presented a dilemma: do you a) fish with it and risk losing the last one, or b) give up on it so that you can take it home and tie up a few copies (in which case you can never really be sure that it wasn't a fluke -catching a lot of fish on that first fly). By having 4 you avoid that dilemma entirely, you could keep fishing and lose a few more, but still have one to take home and copy...

3) In practicality I try to only give you back flies that you didn't tie, but the numbers always seem messed up (as to the number of flies anyone sends me), so I wind up sending back a couple of your own flies...just wanted to let everyone know its a possibility.

4) Judging by your last comment I think I might not have explained that all of the flies that you would tie are all the same singular pattern. And, I'm not looking for family secrets, just good flies that are easy to tie and can catch fish.

5) If we have 6 tyers, we each could tie 20 flies...that way you would get 4 flies in 5 new patterns returned.

Anyone interested? Anyone.....buehler.....buehler.....

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."
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