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Default Fishing report 2-17-12

So took the day off from work today and figured it would be as good a day as any to get to the river. I started out with a quick stop to see Daniel at LRO and grab a few nymphs....the ones that produced "zero" fish I might add. I must say the weather was absolutely perfect!

I decided to try a Tellico nymph with a few split shot at one of my favorite runs and got no strikes. I tried another run same result nothing the water temp was 42 degrees at 12:30 I tried a few more casts still nothing...then to my surprise I started seeing hatches...I was like what? this is February.

Well, low and behold there were some what looked like blue wing olives and Quill Gordons coming off and I started to see rises....I thought great I have Quills.....NOT! my spring fly box was at home on my I decided on a march brown.....and that's when the fun started!

This was one was on my first cast....and they just kept hitting and I mean hard and fast. Nearly every cast has a rise.....

in this photo you can see the march brown.

even got a chance to try out my waterproof drop proof/idiot proof camera..

The weather couldn't have been better! A day on the stream sure did recharge my batteries. I only seen a hand full of fishermen and caught 2 fish from the same run and not a single rainbow of the 10 fish to hand. I stopped back in to LRO to chat with Daniel and found out he has a horse that sure and ask him about this one! it was surely a nice day in the Smokies I sure hope this is a sign of what is to come in the spring!

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