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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
They make a motor mount for the frame also
Although I don't think there is a remote control
You should look in to getting you a mount or making one. Also; look for a trolling motor of 40lbs or higher. That will move your raft fabulously. The key is getting a nice deep cycle battery without the weight. Do the math on the amp draw of the trolling motor at WOT with you intended usage per day. Then select the right size battery to accommodate it. You will want to have about 45% left over at the end of each day.

Then; buy a schumarker digital charger and charge the battery heavy - 15 Amps immediately after each use.

An idea of costs:
-Trolling motor: $150 *Many of the more expensive models have the remote control wristbands and fobs. Look on Walmarts website for the stainless steel (white) transom mount trolling motor. It is better quality than their store model and more durable. Plus; it is about half the price.
-DC Battery: $75
-Charger: $65
-4-6 gauge wire (12'): $20
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