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Originally Posted by kentuckytroutbum View Post

Thanks for the video. Unfortunately, it was very hard to view what was going on. Did you have a circular polarizing filter on the lens? If you're not familiar with CPL's they are great tools for shooting outdoors as they enhance colors, but they also reduce or eliminate reflections off of glass, water, or any reflective surfaces. Just a thought.

Sorry for the quality. I wish I had a better setup. I plan on getting an HD in the future. Look closely in the top center of the video and you can see the trout holding the fish.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post

The fish in the video looked to be pretty good size, those you caught were fairly small.... so I wonder what might have happened if you threw a streamer?

Seems all the drifters claim the big ones are caught on streamers.... like most folks I find it hard not to fish dries when the fish are taking them.

Next time I head up there I may fish a five weight instead of my "normal" 2 weight so I can more easily chuck some big stuff to catch some big stuff.

****ed do I wish I lived in Bristol sometimes!
The Soho has many shallow/riffled runs so I fish it light and active. Many of the feeding lies are tucked in tight between short runs. Streamers were very effectively on it. I do not think you have to throw big and heavy here to get takes. Just flashy. However; I can assume big and heavy would be great on higher flows there...

I loved throwing the dries Thursday. It was great and the rain worked perfectly at masking any flaws. Dry flies are my favorite and I wished I would have tied up more patterns for this trip.
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