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Yes WOW! Very well done.

Thank you Dave Ezell for E-mailing me the monthly newsletter and keep in me informed even though I am A HOMELESS LIFETIME TU MEMBER who has not yet "transfered" from the Kennebec Chapter in Maine (two golden trout awards).

KUDOS to all of you who work hard on LOCAL TU efforts from all the area chapters... I have served as a chapter president in Maine and worked on so many projects including writing a newsletter for years eventually I got burned out.

I have little faith in TU National but great faith in all the local chapter across our country... it's local folks who really make the big difference...

It's all about protecting, preserving and enhancing what you love; our cold water fisheries.

If you are not a member but enjoy fishing, particularly in the PARK and you are not a member YOU should seriously consider it.

If the LR Chapter has not yet recieved a GOLDEN TROUT AWARD they are overdue!

Sombody needs to kick me in the tail about switching my membership to TN!
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