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Originally Posted by spotlight View Post
Travis, BEAUTIFUL rainbow....that's my park best is a 12 and man they will run you up and down the river. I am amazed that you landed all bows and the day before I only caught browns? I wonder if it was fly selection or the fact that you were farther up river. Either way great pictures.
I know. Daniel told me about your day, and I said mine was exactly the opposite. However, I have never had much luck with browns in the park, don't think I have ever caught more than 2 in a day.

I fished a few different places up the trail with the closest being about 2 miles up and the farthest being close to 3 mile upstream. I did see a few other fishermen walking out as I was working my way upstream, so either I was fishing "used" water or those guys went way upstream.

I used a #12 Quill Gordon all day until the last fish shredded it, and I switched to a streamer for 10 minutes probing a deep run for a piggie. No luck there. However, I chose to call it a day, and walk away very fulfilled.

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