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swamp--Park authorities, in what I consider a fine example of money talks and principle walks, ceded the stretch of Luftee from the Parkway Bridge to the juncture of Raven Fork and Luftee to the tribe (never mind that it flows through Park land. Well, to be more precise, one side of it is Park since the tribe managed a land swap which traded archaeologically significant bottom lands (where the high school sits) for mountain terrain of no significance whatsoever that is steep as a horse's face. If it sounds to you like this angers me, you would be right.
As for where you can fish without buying one of the ever costlier tribal permits, you can't fish Raven Fork at all until you are above Big Cove and in the Gorges area. You can fish Luftee anywhere above where its juncture with Raven Fork.
That's it in essence, and anyone who thinks the Park didn't shortchange anglers on this one isn't viewing things in the same light I am. Incidentally, the long pool on what is now tribal water which runs under the old stone bridge (built by the CCCs) opposite Cherokee High School was one of the loveliest in the whole Park, and full of wild fish, long before tribal authorities gained control or stocked the first fish from the Straight Fork Hatchery. Don't get me wrong, I'm not faulting the tribe here. I'm faulting Park bureaucrats who caved.
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