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Default Andy Brasko

I see where Andy Brasko is attending TroutFest this year tying his beautiful wet fly patterns.

You are all in for a treat.

Andy is well know up north here, When my monthly copy of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild
Newsletter would come, the first thing, and I mean the first thing I did was turn to
Andy's monthly column and read it.

As you can see by the few posts he has put up he is very honest and
passionate about his art. If any of you are lucky to get to watch him tie,
ask questions about his techniques and such, you will not get a quick and
easy answer, he will take his time to fully explain it. No short cuts here.

The detail of his flies are something to behold.

Another thing that you won't find him posting about, Andy is an
Officer in the Ray Neirle, South Jersey Chapter of Trout Unlimited,
and he also an Officer of New Jersey State Council of Trout Unlimited.

So reading about him going to Townsend, TN to help out a very worthy cause for TU is nothing new.
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