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Originally Posted by Hugh Hartsell View Post
AK and Andy,
Let me share with you some of the history of the Wet Fly in this part of the country and maybe it will give you some perspective as to deal with speaking on this board and when you are at Trout Fest in the Summer. You can probably count on one hand all the people who frequent this bulletin board and who fish in the Smokies who go back far enough to have any experience with fishing Wet Flies. This is my 60th year at Flyfishing and it began in the early 50s. Wet Flies were the fly of choice at this time and I fished them for 3-4 years. In my world, Nymphs began to replace them and Dry Flies as well. In just a short peroid of time the Wet Fly disappeared completely in the Smokies until about 12 years ago. I and others began to tie some Emerger and Wet Fly patterns that were used to some extent in the GSMNP and on area Tailwaters. To sum it up, very few people in this area have any exposure to Dressed Wet Flies like the Ray Bergman selections so you are going to be on new ground and many explanations will need to go with you flies to help others understand how and when to use them in this area.
Thanks again for sharing time with us.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Andy's Posts and I look forward to learning more from him. Hugh; I absolutely love wet flies and the idea behind 'dynamic' fly fishing-how I fish it. I may have to head up to Troutfest to chat with Andy and learn more about his patterns. I sure need help on my wing tying.
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