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Originally Posted by flyguys View Post
Looks like you had a great trip! Love the pictures, As a matter of fact I made the first river shot my background image on my work desktop computer! That area was my and my sons first fishing trip in the smokys. I must say you did much better than the two of us! Thanks for the post and rekindling some memories. flyguys
You know... two things kill me about that shot. One, I almost wish I had my tripod with me instead of my fly rod and two, I don't know how I forgot my lens hood at home... Anyway, I loved this perspective after reviewing my shots and I said "I just have to use this one regardless". It moved me the most and that's what I was looking for. I wanted to capture what I was experiencing that morning and it sounds like it worked...

I sincerely appreciate your comments and now I fully intend to spend some time with this shot in PP. If you provide an email address, I will be sure to send you a full sized image when finished so you can enjoy it even more...

Tight Lines,
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