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Yes Grannyknot..... referring to the Bling colors; not the hendrickson, blue quills or other wets that are essential a wet version of a Darby or Dette dry fly or some of the UK/Ireland drys.

Traditional wets and American Landlocked streamers (I believe) likley evolved from the Atlantic Salmon patterns used in Western European Countries.... Andy may correct me if I'm incorrect!

In my youth I was fortunate enough to visit a bunch of the old school catskill, pocono and connecticut "fly shops" owned by guys who tied all the beautiful wets and dries that originated nearly 100 years ago. These guys had billions of flies in the walk out basements, garage shops or outbuildings... it was like a visit to CandyLand.

When I moved up to Maine in the early 80's the few shops around the State where Landlocked Salmon were in the Rivers (Rangley area and Moosehead as well as LLBean) sold magnifcent Streamers.... like Grey Ghost, 9-3 Supervisor, Magog Smelt and all the Carrie Stevens Patterns.

I used to tie many of them but over the years like my friends I bastardized the "True Patterns" with more modern materials and synthetics and used marabou in place of saddle feathers because they held up better and seemed to catch more fish.... don't know that I have any Silver or golden pheasant left any more.... heck I may not have virtually any duck quill for that matter... time to go hunting! Where can I shoot an IBIS?

Andy.... have you ever considered marabou to replace matched Quills on your wets.... OR would this be blasphomy? I may try it and you can beat me with an old Fenwick glass rod or piece of bamboo.
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