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Default join the crowd

Corbo, if you decide to come up to the so. ho. you may want to consider bringing your own rock to stand on. I've never seen so many people slinging bugs. It is not uncommon to stand and count 35 fishermen above and below. I heard last week it was more than that at the picnic hole.

The new parking lot at the cul-de-saq only provided space for more people to park and go to the already over crowded corner of the river. I had to intervene with two guys last week. They were about to get into it, both are my friends and thankfully cooler heads prevailed.

I wish I could catch fish on the Clinch, the long drive, cost of gasoline and now the miserable masses don't make for an enjoyable experience.
good luck if you make the trip, I'll probably be standing in the water slinging bugs and swearing at the guy who just waded through my fish.
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