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Originally Posted by Stana Claus View Post
Welcome to the board, troutmanbrook. With all the water they've been running down the river for the last several months, I'm curious about your secret for fishing that often (if you don't mind sharing)? Are you floating on 2 generators, or maybe chucking big streamers from the bank? Personally I've always been too timid to even look at the Clinch when they're running the turbines or spilling. But maybe I'm just a wimp and need to man up.

Again, it's good to have you on board and I hope you enjoy your stay.
Santa, Thanks for the welcome!

believe it or not, the big guy was caught from the bank throwing midge imitations while the river was pumping 2 gens. Rodney has been with me on a few occasions where we were pulling in pigs left and right on midges with high water flows. There are several good high water places, from the bank, where one can do well with small flies. The key is to add weight to them to "get them down" before your drift is over. Another important thing to take into consideration is the flow, if you can find a pretty slow(er) eddy (eddie?) that is accessible from the bank, you should be in business.
I have also had pretty good success with soft hackles, swinging them in a seam.

When I say I try to fish at least 5 times a week, not all of those days are on the clinch. Often, I have been fishing Norris lake and Cove lake in the evenings, which has been pretty good, for sunfish. Last week I caught a small LM bass with a #16 grey scud! but warm water is not my strong point, I have very little experience fishing lakes on a spinning rod, even less with a fly.
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