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Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
First Gatlinburg dumps raw sewage into a trophy smallmouth river and gets basically a slap on the wrist for how they manage the facility and protect the surrounding water resource. I heard another person was killed there yesterday.
Now something like this might be coming. Can you imagine wading out on the river on a nice calm peaceful shoal and this blows by you. How would you feel if they did something like this on the South Holston, Watauga, or the Clinch river? How about the little river also? Wish there was some way to stop this.
Good news for the latter 3 you mention is that the low water jet crowd will only get so far before they lose pieces of motors or hull to the rivers. If they could, they would already be there in mass.

Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
You may not want to hear this Troutman but as I was waiting for the water to go down on the so.ho. last week one of the shallow running jet boats screamed up the river.

I suppose air boats on low water will be next.

There is 2 air boats on the Holston now. I have seen them quite a few times in the last few years.

This jet boat thing is nothing new, they decimated the lower Pigeon around Newport years and years ago, by running out of Douglas to add smallmouth to their tournament limits.

If this bothers those of you who frequent the french broad, then why aren't you all raising holy **** over another serious threat? That threat is the new fad of river bass tournaments which have taken off in the last few years. That poses a serious threat versus an aesthetic threat to the river.
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