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Well; I owned two jet boats (trackers) when I moved here and sold them as I didn't think I would have much use for them because I primarily avoid bass fishing. If you didn't know, BASS is a four letter word. LOL

When I moved here I found that both hulls were too heavy to run in most trout water; about the only place I think a jet would come in handy for trout would be the Clinch AND then it might be difficult to navigate without pissing off wade fishers.

There's is nothing that aggravates me more than someone motoring bye when I'm wading; this has happened to me on the Holston a few times and it puts the fish down.

At least most driftboaters offer an "accuse me" when they drift through your feeding lane.

Just wait until there is a "concordia" disaster when they strike a shoal at 40 miles an hour; it will happen.
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