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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Good news for the latter 3 you mention is that the low water jet crowd will only get so far before they lose pieces of motors or hull to the rivers. If they could, they would already be there in mass.
Agreed, the point is large jet boats. I see small boats on the river every other day. However; I am probably one of the few people who goes up the river on low-water conditions. Lots of bottom scooting and not very practical for most motors. I saw the cowl hood off of a newer model 200 Black Max two-weeks ago below Massengill Bridge. Seems somebody hit a little bump. I am aware of a handful of boat flips/crashes in this area already in the past few months. One was particularly bad and I am surprised no one drowned.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
When I moved here I found that both hulls were too heavy to run in most trout water; about the only place I think a jet would come in handy for trout would be the Clinch AND then it might be difficult to navigate without pissing off wade fishers. ....
Although the Clinch is wide; it is treacherous in many places and deceiving. Most boats do fine on one-generator; but, I would not even consider taking one out on any low-flows.
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